Restoration Parts Identification (ID) and Specification Plates

Restoration Parts Identification (ID) and Specification Plates We are located in Pismo Beach on the Central Coast of California, and around here there are a lot of vintage vehicles of all types which are being lovingly restored. Being a custom engraver, this means we get quite a few folks who need the original tags for their project vehicles replaced. The featured image is one such tag, ultimately to be re-installed into a pre-WWII era Wildcat plane. While we can certainly understand the desire to restore the original plate, many times it’s just not possible. In this example, the original plate is on the left and the replacement is on the right. We try to match the look in terms of color and font sizing, but we definitely match the size. This one is made with a matte finish black coated aluminum, so this tag is lighter-weight than the original. In addition,┬áthe restoration enthusiast asked that the holes not be put into the plate – he would do that during the installation process. Whatever it is you need, we can work with you and we can ship anywhere. If you have ID tags that need to be replaced on your restoration project vehicle,┬ácontact us with the particulars for your specific job. We’d love to...

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