Grand Awards has been serving the Central Coast for over 35 years. In that time, we’ve made thousands of signs for desks, doors, walls and more. We added banners to our list of offered items many years ago, and have been growing our sign capability ever since. We know you’ve seen our work around town! Take a look at our SignStar website to see our customer gallery as well as our full product selection, or scroll down to see a tiny sampling of the variety we offer.

Our banners can be a very basic single color deal all the way up to a photograph rich full-color banner. Any size from 1’x1′ on up to 4’x35′. We can even make banner stands for trade shows and booths.

GrandAwards made the 30' wide over-the-street banner for the Clam Festival
GrandAwards made the banner stand for Tantrum Fitness

We can also do custom vinyl signs which can be put onto glass doors and windows, walls, vehicles and more.

GrandAwards can personlize your car!
GrandAwards can put your business logo on your door
GrandAwards - pop-up tent for Tantrum Fitness

Our view-thru window signage is truly impressive – not only does it cut down on heat and UV damage to merchandise, but it’s a great way to effectively advertise without impeding any inside-to-outside visibility.


Our sign capability also includes backlit signs which are inserted into light boxes as well as pole mounted directory signs.

GrandAwards made the Pismo Coast Shopping Plaza sign faces
GrandAwards made the Monument Sign for this local business building

We can also do vinyl stickers, die-cut to any shape or size! Put them on service repair jobs, decorate a room, or identify property using custom information. We can also the 2″ rounds known in the awards industry as “mylars” which are used for trophies and award medals.

GrandAwards can make custom sized vinyl decals

Our mobile signage is also just as custom. We offer a variety of A-frame options, yard signs and magnetic car signs.

GrandAwards offers A-frame advertising signage
GrandAwards offers yard signs
GrandAwards makes custom sizes and shapes for car magnets

When it comes to personalized items, from trophies and plaques on up to business signage and banners, we’re your one-stop solution destination. Check out our sign specific web site for more information! You can even order online through us there anytime.

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